Leetcode 2283 Check if Number Has Equal Digit Count and Digit Value in c++ | Hindi Coding Community



You are given a 0-indexed string num of length n consisting of digits.

Return true if for every index i in the range 0 <= i < n, the digit i occurs num[i] times in num, otherwise return false.

Example 1:

Input: num = "1210"

Output: true


num[0] = '1'. The digit 0 occurs once in num.

num[1] = '2'. The digit 1 occurs twice in num.

num[2] = '1'. The digit 2 occurs once in num.

num[3] = '0'. The digit 3 occurs zero times in num.

The condition holds true for every index in "1210", so return true.

class Solution {
bool digitCount(string num) {
int arr[10] = {0};
for(auto it : num){
for(int i=0;i<num.size();i++){
if(arr[i]!=(num[i])-'0') return false;
return true;

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