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 Hi everyone , in this article we are going to see how can we download the csv file from the github . 

Sometimes the csv files are very big and those files contains thousands/ millions of rows . You can not copy and paste all those lines because that is a very huge amount of data . Also we don't want to miss any of the row so what should we do now ?

How can I download all the csv file without missing any of the rows ?

1. Open the repository 

First thing you need to do is to open the repository from where you want to download the data . I have taken a repository which contains a csv file . That csv file contains nearly 5000 rows . Manually if I try to copy the data to the file then it will take some time to copy and paste. It will take efforts too . I am going to download the data . 

2. Click on the file name and open the file

3. Click on the raw

4. Now right click and click on save as

5. Now give the file name and click on save 

Now your file will be saved in the specified location . 

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